By combining his experience in advocacy in the community and legislative arenas with his marketing knowhow, Corey Axelrod has mobilized organizations to affect systemic change. During his workshops, Corey teaches how to strategically educate members regarding necessary changes and/or pending legislation, communicate the potential impacts and mobilize members when action is needed.

Explore Corey’s top advocacy workshops:

Systematic Changes through Legislative Advocacy

Advocating for a positive systematic change through a legislative action is a challenge many individuals avoid taking on because it often seems to be a daunting, impossible task. When done correctly, legislative advocacy efforts create a long-lasting, profound impact on the Deaf community as legislation is implemented to address a systematic issue.

As systematic change rarely comes with a complete overhaul, but a series of moderate changes, Corey Axelrod will discuss how to break down systematic issues in smaller components, prioritizing these components and mobilize support for changes to make a difference in the Deaf community. Attendees will leave this dynamic, hands-on workshop with:

  • A framework to identify, address and prioritize systematic issues affecting the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community
  • Tools and strategies to present a cohesive, effective message and get key stakeholders on board
  • Tactics to rebut messages conflicting with your organization’s message(s)
Creating a Sustainable Advocacy Engine via Digital Media

As we become a more technology dependent society, it is critical to leverage digital media and online advocacy tools to share your message, engage organizational champions and mobilize support. Although organizations have made proactive efforts to embrace digital media as a part of promoting legislative advocacy to a large audience, many still do not measure member activity; as a result, they fail to fully capitalize on their efforts to make a major impact and influence policy.

During this interactive workshop, Corey draws from his extensive marketing and legislative advocacy background in leveraging technology and analytics in a continuously changing global environment. Attendees will leave equipped with:

  • A step-by-step, comprehensive and strategic guide to empower member action throughout the legislative process
  • Tools and strategies to present a cohesive, effective message
  • Techniques and strategies to use to increase reach and impact
Corey can also provide specialized keynotes or develop material and presentations that fit your organization’s needs. For more information, please contact Corey.

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