Corey Axelrod is a dynamic and engaging speaker with an extensive portfolio of topics for business professionals, sign language interpreters and educators of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. Corey is not a believer in generic, “one size fits all” presentations. He continuously tailors his presentations to connect with each audience, but what makes Corey unique is the “real” factor. Audiences relate to the personal experiences Corey integrates within his presentations. Corey combines a down-to-earth attitude with a colorful artistic streak. Comments such as “thank you for covering what doesn’t usually get covered” and “I have been waiting for this” are a testament to his effectiveness and style.

Corey’s approach to presentations are designed to serve three functions:

1. Educate – Provide participants with tangible knowledge and resources to understand situations before them, what to do going forward and how to measure success.

2. Inspire – Motivate participants to identify new opportunities and consider new possibilities.

3. Empower – Share necessary tools and strategies enabling participants to take initiative and make decisions to solve problems and improve performance.

Popular Topics

Corey can be booked for the following presentations and can work with you to develop material and presentations to best suit your organization’s needs.

Communications Accessibility Workshops

Finding Your Champions: Creating Accessibility Buy-In

When it comes to communication accessibility at your organization, how confident are you that all stakeholders are on the same page? During this interactive presentation, Corey will strategize ways on how to alleviate internal concerns regarding accessibility; how to tie accessibility to organizational goals and get support from the top-down; and how to generate community awareness about your organization's commitment to accessibility.

Total Inclusion Involves Accommodating Distinctive Needs of Hard of Hearing Students

In this workshop, Corey will address audiological and cultural differences between deaf and hard of hearing students. Corey will also identify hard of hearing students’ unique communication needs and methods, enabling individuals involved in the post-secondary education of hard of hearing students to better provide accommodations needed by these students inside and outside the classroom. As a result of participating in this session, participants will understand the unique audiological and cultural differences between deaf and hard of hearing students and also the benefits of different services that can be provided to hard of hearing students. Tips for working effectively with service providers (e.g., interpreters, captionists and agencies) will be shared.


Advocacy Workshops

Systematic Changes through Legislative Advocacy

Advocating for a positive systematic change through a legislative action is a challenge many individuals avoid taking on because it often seems to be a daunting, impossible task. When done correctly, a legislative advocacy effort creates a long-lasting, profound impact on the Deaf community where a legislation is implemented to address a systematic issue. A systematic change rarely comes with a complete overhaul, but a series of moderate changes which makes it vital for you to be able to breakdown the systematic issue in smaller issues and prioritize them. You will leave the session empowered with the knowledge to take action and make a difference in your community!

Creating a Sustainable Advocacy Engine via Social Media

As we become a more technology dependent society, it is critical to leverage social media to share your message, engage organizational champions and mobilize support. During this interactive workshop, Corey will review common communication objectives and discuss how organizations can implement a comprehensive and strategic social media plan that meets these goals. Attendees will also leave Corey’s workshop equipped with effective techniques and strategies to use to increase social media reach and impact.


Interpreting Workshops

Don’t Be Mad if I Don’t Look: Accommodating HoH Consumers

Designed for all interpreters, this interactive workshop will establish the foundation for a needed paradigm shift in how sign language interpreters can best support the unique needs of hard of hearing consumers. As a hard of hearing individual with deaf parents, the presenter will share first hand observations of the generic differences between deaf and hard of hearing consumers, including an analysis of the audiologicial differences, as well as the cultural identity issues hard of hearing individuals face. The presenter will subsequently discuss the unique communication needs for, and methods used by, hard of hearing individuals. By better understanding the consumers they are working with, interpreters will be able to determine the best course of action to take in facilitating communication.

Interpreting Is Interpreting – Or Is It Not?

Designed for all interpreters, this interactive workshop will review how interpreters can best position themselves to handle the unique challenges presented by medical and mental health interpreting assignments and what it takes to perform jobs accurately to ensure effective linguistic and cultural communication is facilitated. The presenter will initially discuss the varying challenges and obstacles patients and family members face, as well as the conditions and the trauma interpreters may be presented with. The presenter will subsequently provide attendees a multitude of tips and strategies on how to manage difficult situations and accommodate to the needs of patients and family members (i.e. deaf spouse/children).

The Business Behind Interpreting: Maximizing Success with Changing Demands

Designed for all interpreters, this interactive workshop will review the changes in the demand for sign language interpreters and how interpreters can best position themselves to meet the evolving demands. The presenter will initially discuss how changing demand is largely contingent upon advances in today’s technologies, including video technology and voice recognition software. Unfortunately, as some of these emerging technologies reduce the need for sign language interpreters, the presenter will discuss individual interpreters’ abilities to competitively position themselves in a market in spite of factors they may or may not be able to control. Within this discussion, the presenter will provide attendees with a multitude of tips and strategies on how to manage direct contracts and how to work with interpreting agencies.


Deaf Education and Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Workshops

Language Acquisition: the Pathway to Success

Acquisition of language from birth is a human right for every person. Without access to language, children are deprived of a foundation critical to development of literacy. As a member of a multigenerational deaf family and a native American Sign Language user, Corey will address these issues and explore the importance of early explore the importance of early language acquisition for Deaf/Hard of Hearing children. This interactive workshop will include firsthand observations and research addressing language acquisition positively impacting academic, cognitive and social and emotional development. Corey will subsequently provide effective techniques and strategies, including creating language-rich and –centered learning environments, for parents and professionals to use with Deaf/Hard of Hearing children to develop language skills.

Fostering Healthy Identities

A healthy self-identity in children is paramount for long-term success. Without access to positive deaf role models and access to language, deaf children may be deprived of a foundation critical to development of a healthy identity. As a member of a multigenerational deaf family, Corey addresses the various factors impacting development of a healthy identity, including the home environment, educational experience, status of hearing loss and mode of communication. Corey also provides effective techniques and strategies for educational professionals to use to foster healthy deaf identity development and ultimately improve educational outcomes.


Marketing and Sales Workshops

Marketing in Today’s Economy

While the Internet has enabled businesses and organizations to reach out to prospective customers, marketers are slow to understand the significance and potential of online advertising and marketing. This form of promotion enables marketers to gain a competitive edge, delivering specific marketing messages to attract customers. The presenter will discuss best practices for online marketing and advertising initiatives to maximize return on investment, as well as discuss optimal methodologies for monitoring and measuring results generated from these efforts.

Maximizing Social Media for Business

Designed for business people from companies of all sizes, this interactive workshop will examine how businesses can build a comprehensive and strategic social media plan that delivers ongoing results. The presenter will first provide an overview of the different categories of social media platforms available, as well as share best practices for using these respective platforms. Additionally, in order to help business think strategically, yet be efficient and creative, the presenter will identify necessary steps to construct a plan that cultivates profitable online relationships, develops brands and drives meaningful business.

Maximize Your Organization’s Marketing & Sales Efficiency

Designed for business people from companies of all sizes, this interactive workshop will discuss how businesses can best position themselves to handle the unique challenges created by disconnect between marketing and sales teams. The presenter will initially address the unique responsibilities of the marketing and sales teams, respectively, as well as the varying economic and cultural causes of friction between the two groups. The presenter will subsequently identify best practices to enhance joint performance and overall contribution from sales and marketing teams to achieve revenue goals.

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