Corey has presented at numerous local, regional and national events and conferences for interpreters. His workshops for interpreters leverage personal experiences as a consumer and son of a Deaf man who battled cancer for more than five years. Corey’s ultimate goal is to establish immersive learning and scenario-based interactions to help participants apply ideas and skills to real life situations when on the job.

Explore Corey’s top workshops for sign language interpreters:

Don’t Be Mad if I Don’t Look: Accommodating HoH Consumers

Interpreters have shared this workshop should be on the "must attend list" for all new and seasoned interpreters. One of Corey's favorite workshops to provide, this workshop explores the multiple challenges Hard of Hearing consumers face on a daily basis in today’s society and how interpreters can best adapt to provide support. These topics are not often taught or discussed in interpreting training programs (ITPs), often leaving new or inexperienced interpreters unfamiliar with the realities of interpreting for a consumer base with a wide range of needs.

During this workshop, designed for interpreters and professionals who work closely with or provide services to Hard of Hearing consumers, Corey – a Hard of Hearing individual – will deliver insight and impact that enables audiences to more clearly understand how to best work with Hard of Hearing consumers. Audiences will leave this interactive workshop with:

  • An understanding of the cultural identity and communication challenges issues Hard of Hearing individuals face
  • An understanding of the perceived audiological differences between Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals
  • Tools and strategies to support Hard of Hearing consumers’ unique communication needs
  • Tips for working effectively with your team (e.g., teachers, employers, CART/Typewell writers and agencies)
Medical Interpreting Is Only Interpreting – Or Is It Not?

We are all shaped by our own experiences in our lives. All the memories, good and bad, have permanently altered our outlook towards our lives and future. Meanwhile, as interpreters frequently encounter common procedures, diseases and conditions in emergency or clinical settings, how interpreters react to an experience and choice of response(s) affect performance on the job and, ultimately, patients’ clinical experiences.

During this interactive workshop designed for interpreters that specialize or frequent medical settings, Corey Axelrod – a fourth generation Deaf individual and son of a Deaf man who battled cancer for more than five years – will provide tangible actions interpreters can, and should, take to set the right foundation to enhance patients’ communication access experience.

Audiences will leave this workshop with:

  • A breakdown of varying challenges and obstacles patients and family members face in times of crisis
  • Tactics to manage difficult situations (featuring real life stories)
  • Tips to recognize your own triggers and traumatic experiences
  • Strategies to accommodate to the needs of patients and family members
The Ally in You – How to Appropriately Advocate with the Deaf Community

The ally concept has taken hold firmly in recent years, forcing difficult and, at times, uncomfortable, conversations between interpreters and consumers. Technology, including social media and micro blogging sites, has accelerated the discussion between consumers and interpreters. But one thing remains: wider, deeper and faster cultural change might occur if both are all in.

During this workshop, Corey Axelrod focuses on defining ally behaviors and mapping out opportunities for interpreters to provide proactive and strategic support that will make a concrete difference in improving the lives of Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers. Attendees will leave the workshop with a better understanding of:

  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals’ varying perspectives of allyship
  • The difference between allyship and advocating for an individual person
  • How to understand and appreciate the local and national issues affecting the Deaf community
Corey can also provide specialized keynotes or develop material and presentations that fit your organization’s needs. For more information, please contact Corey.

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