Corey Axelrod is an accomplished communications accessibility expert with more than 10 years of experience in developing and executing dynamic business strategies to help organizations reduce risk, enhance brand recognition and increase communication. During his presentations, Corey leverages experiences as a Deaf individual with a bilingual and bicultural background to encourage dialogue to improve the provision of communication access services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals.

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Total Inclusion Involves Accommodating Distinctive Needs of Hard of Hearing Students and/or Consumers

Individuals who identify as Hard of Hearing continue to face multiple communication challenges in today’s society. Although schools and organizations have made proactive efforts to embrace the Hard of Hearing community, many still do not provide the correct communication tools and environments conducive to these consumers’ needs; as a result, they fail to cater to these consumers’ needs.

In this session, targeted to professionals who work closely with or provide services to hard of hearing consumers, Corey – a Hard of Hearing individual and communications access expert – will deliver insight and impact that enables audiences to more clearly understand how schools and organizations can continue to break down communication barriers for Hard of Hearing individuals.

Audiences will leave this interactive workshop with:

  • An understanding of the cultural identity and communication challenges Hard of Hearing individuals face
  • An understanding of the perceived audiological differences between Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals
  • Tools and strategies to support Hard of Hearing consumers’ unique communication needs
  • Tips for working effectively with service providers (e.g., interpreters, captionists and agencies)
Finding Your Champions: Creating Accessibility Buy-In

The role of diversity, inclusion and accessibility professionals has never been more critical in ensuring organizations’ fundamental values promote the development of an inclusive organization. Research has shown inclusive and diverse teams fuel organizational growth and organizations that do not promote and embrace diversity fall out of favor with potential clients and customers.

While organizations claim to value diversity, the conflicts between aspirations and reality are prevalent with values pertaining to inclusiveness. A New York Times study revealed a significant gap between disabled and non-disabled candidates, with employers being 34 percent less likely to hire an experienced job candidate with a disability. This study suggests what Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals have experienced firsthand and suggests the prevalent need to address the numerous benefits associated with employing and appropriately accommodating Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals.

During this interactive session designed for professionals who provide accommodation and accessibility services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals, noted communications access expert Corey Axelrod will provide:

  • Strategies to alleviate internal concerns regarding the costs associated with accessibility services
  • Tips to tie provision of services to organizational goals and leverage support from the top-down to accelerate accessibility in your organization
  • Techniques to generate community awareness about your organization’s commitment to accessibility
Corey can also provide specialized keynotes or develop material and presentations that fit your organization’s needs. For more information, please contact Corey.

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