Pinterest is not your SEO Social Silver Bullet

During Carol McManus‘ LinkedIn Lady show last Friday, I asked Carol and Ken Herron their thoughts about Social Media Examiner’s research showing roughly twenty percent of small business use photo sharing sites. Ken immediately tweeted:

“I interpret that as #SMBs NOT yet taking full advantage of “visual marketing” (see: @teresafritschi”


“It’s all about where YOUR customers hang out, AND there can be some very positive #SEO benefits to photo-sharing sites.

Ken simply has two points here: 1) maximize visual marketing opportunities and 2) take advantage of SEO benefits.

A multitude of marketers jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon only to have fallen off as Pinterest links are now Nofollow, meaning search engines are being told not to follow links from Pinterest. However, there is some direct SEO power behind Pinterest: a profile link to your website, traffic referrals, dofollow links to your root domain within the pin’s description, etc. This only serves as a bonus for marketers who cultivate a visual representation of their brand on photo sharing sites.

Accomplishing a visual representation of a brand on photo sharing sites takes time and energy, but visual marketing simply harnesses the power of images and visuals to make your marketing more powerful and more memorable. As the saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ Even though its a cliche, it’s a cliche because there is truth at its core.

Simply respect Pinterest for what it is: a social sharing site. Aim on targeting the right eyes for your brand as it will do your brand much better in the long run.

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