A Son’s Tribute to His Father

There are several days a year I stay off of social media, and one of these days is Father’s Day. People say holidays are some of the toughest times to be without loved ones, and they’re right. Since losing my father in March of 2012 and my grandmother in February of 2013, holidays are simply […]

Pinterest is not your SEO Social Silver Bullet

During Carol McManus‘ LinkedIn Lady show last Friday, I asked Carol and Ken Herron their thoughts about Social Media Examiner’s research showing roughly twenty percent of small business use photo sharing sites. Ken immediately tweeted: “I interpret that as #SMBs NOT yet taking full advantage of “visual marketing” (see: @teresafritschi http://pinterest.com/teresafritschi/all-that-i-need-passion/).” and “It’s all about where YOUR customers hang out, AND there can […]