Are you losing out on deaf customers and their revenues?

Growing up, my father would ask me to interpret for him when he met with our local insurance agent. My father was profoundly deaf, and while fluent in English and fully capable of communicating in writing, American Sign Language (ASL), not English, was his native language, and his preferred language for discussing business. Unfortunately, even […]

Breaking Down Barriers of Success

I trust you will evaluate the thoughts I share and recognize the value in them. I’ve sat on these thoughts for a very long time, and for the first time, publicly shared some of these thoughts during my ‘Online Advertising And Marketing: A Powerful Tool’ workshop at the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Conference […]

LinkedIn Lady Show Guest Appearance: Streamline Small Business with Social Media

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of being on the LinkedIn Lady radio show. While regular host Carol McManus (@linkedinlady) was away at a conference, a friend and former colleague, Ken Herron (@KenHerron), was the guest host. I couldn’t turn down Ken’s request that I be his special guest on the show. Ken and I talked […]